Showing gratitude towards everything and everyone around you is, perhaps, the most positive step one can take in life. Thus, starting something as amazing as a gratitude journal can serve as a great reminder on what you’ve been grateful for over time. Here are three benefits of gratitude journaling that might make you want to pull out your pen and notebook right away!

Better self-esteem

Endless comparisons with people we see around us (and online) can increase your overflow of negative thoughts. It causes us to continuously doubt our social status, physical attributes, and other aspects that may affect the way that we fear others may perceive us.

Recounting all the blessings you have in your life at the end of each day can counter this self-doubt. When you write down something good that has happened to you, you’re taking a jab at the negative impulses that could harm your self-esteem. Reflecting on moments of gratitude prompts you to view yourself and the world around you in a better light.

Bid adieu to negativity

When we’re free from the rush of counting the mishappenings and more inclined towards the good things in life, it seems much easier to live. We’re not insisting that one should invoke fake positivity by neglecting life’s bad moments. Yet, taking a sharper look at what’s going great around you can really motivate you to do better.

With a positive mindset, you can achieve much more than you previously desired. On the contrary, having a pessimistic approach mostly sets you off for an early failure. A positive mind also ensures that you’re more equipped to show up as your best self, day-by-day. 

Newfound respect for the ones we love

We sometimes fail to appreciate the people that are closest to us when our minds are preoccupied with the busyness of life. It could be an old friend helping us through the finals, or your mother that makes sure that you have as much comfort you can possibly get.

Keeping a gratitude journal helps you recount the actions of all these people that only have good intentions when it comes to you. It helps you in locating a newfound appreciation for them, all in all. Furthermore, you can now find better means to show your appreciation to these people and further strengthen your bond with them.

Every bit of gratitude counts

Apart from its larger-than-life consequences that we’ve just discussed, gratitude journaling can be very enjoyable. Don’t we all talk to ourselves in small chunks throughout the day? One can even look at gratitude journaling as a way of holding positive dialogues with one’s own self. This ensures that you have a chance to look at things from the bright side. 

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