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My teenager came out as nonbinary, and this was the hardest part.

When my firstborn told us a few months ago that they were nonbinary, their dad and I were a bit surprised, but not really. They have struggled for the past …

Can we finally get rid of standardized testing?

Advice for parents who have teens applying for college

What do you do with a narcissist in the family?


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Must-have skin products to look great over 40 (and they won’t break the budget!)

Ah, in my young adult years from 1992 to 1998, my skin was a major source of pride that remained constant. In spite of forgetting to wash my face before …

How to Get Luxurious Hair Back in Your 40s

Embracing Grey


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The best fall finds on Amazon… because apparently there are shortages

This time of year I try to wait as long as I can, but the minute it’s fall I want to decorate everything, the weather be damned. I learned the …

The dough also rises: the joy of baking bread

The Basics of Being Basic: Fall Edition


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You can actually visit the resort in ‘White Lotus’

HBO’s recently popular show, “The White Lotus,” is a must-watch. Filmed at a gorgeous Hawaiian resort, it’s filled with drama, interesting political commentary, and even some funny scenes. When I …

A Weekend in Denver


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60 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas to Try This Fall

When you’re a busy woman with a tight schedule, meal prep can be a HUGE lifesaver. It’s not only cost-effective, but it also saves you time with cooking. Pre-made meals …

What’s the deal with probiotics?

How Much Caffeine Is Safe for Teens?

The unexpected exercise that changed my life