Do you know my friends Clea and Joanna?

I mean, they’re my friends for sure … but I’m not so sure I’m actually theirs. Because, well, they are near celebrities and I’m just me. The gal who is addicted to their Netflix series and beautifully organized Instagram account.

I’m talking about the Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit – duo extraordinaire who can organize anything and everything. My sister and I are both obsessed. We scroll their accounts daily, pour over their books for inspiration, and have binge watched Get Organized with The Home Edit a few too many times.

It is just so inspiring – and addicting – to get organized. I mean, before, The Home Edit, I never knew I could truly love my silverware drawer. But now I understand.

My sister and I now joke “The Home Edit made me do it” whenever we send a text with photo evidence of our recent organization project. It is both overwhelming and exciting to live in a constant before and after, but man, as my home creeps closer to being all after shots I sure am pleased. 

Curious what The Home Edit has made my sis and I do recently? I’ll tell you…

The Home Edit Made Me Color Code my Bookshelf

Not only is my bookshelf now color coded so is our family’s game closet, my washi tape collection, and my daughter’s scrunchies. Basically, everything is better in rainbow form.

The Home Edit Made Me Alphabetize My Spice Drawer

It took me 10 minutes. That’s it. And now I can find spices so efficiently. Amen to that!

The Home Edit Made Me Lust After a Jewelry Box

On episode 3 of Get Organized with The Home Edit, Clea and Joanna edit and organize an event planner’s bedroom. In it they feature a customizable jewelry box from The Container Store and cross my heart as soon as that puppy is back in stock, I’m splurging.

The Home Edit Made Me Turn My Pantry into a Place of Beauty.

My pantry used to be a black hole. Now, it makes me smile! Items are arranged in a beautiful, sensible way and I can actually find ingredients I need when I start cooking dinner 

The Home Edit Made Me Fall in Love with Lazy-Susans

Where have lazy-susans been all my life? Obviously not in my cupboards! But, now they are and I am oh so grateful. From my collection of infused olive oils to my under- counter toiletry stash everything is now more accessible.

The Home Edit Made Me Think Zones”

Watch and read a little, you’ll see what I mean. First you’ll laugh. Then you’ll understand. Then you’ll begin to think in zones just like Clea and Joanna want you to.

The Home Edit Made Me Give Headbands a Go

Clea is famous for her headband collection and her constant headband style made me pick up a few of my own. Talk about an outfit game changer!

The Home Edit Made Me Purge My Pre-baby Clothes

Have some old favorites been collecting dust in my closet for much too long? Yes, yes they have. Thankfully The Home Edit taught me to realistically choose what stays and what goes. Best of all, they taught me some grace by allowing a reasonable stash of “aspirations” … just in case that final 15 pounds of decade old baby weight ever falls off.

The Home Edit Made Me Buy an Insane Amount of Drawer Organizers

Before studying The Home Edit, at least half the drawers in my home were a hot mess. Now, they are slowly but surely becoming mega organized thanks to drawer inserts. Holy moly. I love a tidy drawer now.

The Home Edit Made ME Label All the Things

I never thought I would be giddy over a label maker. Or a pretty font. Or put labeling supplies on my Amazon Subscribe ‘n Save list. But ya’ll, I have arrived. I label everything. 

Did The Home Edit actually make us do any of these things? No, not at all. Did they inspire us to edit the crap from our lives and train us to live more intentionally? Yep! And for that I am truly grateful. Bring it on Clea and Joanna … make me do more!

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