Can’t wait to set foot on the beach again? Join the club. I’ve been sitting at home, thinking about recollected memories of the fun times I had at the beach. I look forward to feeling sand between my toes and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that the beach has to offer. At least, when I’m comfortable enough to go back.

One of the best beaches you’ve probably never heard of isn’t in Florida or California, but in Georgia. Robin Lake Beach is a cute little man-made beach in Pine Mountain, Georgia. It is truly a treasured find, because it’s surrounded by a beautiful resort named Callaway Resort & Gardens.

The resort has everything you could think of to make the perfect getaway. Whether you want luxury or leisure, Callaway Resort & Gardens provides you with the best of both worlds. It’s one of my favorite places to go when I want an escape from reality. 

I took my first trip to the resort when I was younger—12 or 13 years old, to be exact. A childhood friend and her mother were on their way there, and they invited me to tag along with them. I was so glad that I went. We had a wonderful time.

The Beach Withdrawals Are Real

Social distancing measures may still be in place, but with states easing their stay-at-home orders, some beaches recently reopened to the public. It’s no secret that people are racing to get back to them. Recent reports have revealed that the beaches are packed once again.

Of course, this excludes the people who are wary of going outside right now. It’s going to take a minute for some folks to feel like things are back to normal. For these people, they probably won’t be back at the beach until 2021 (or later). 

You then have those of us who are caught between a rock in a hard place: We don’t want the pandemic to ruin our fun, but at the same time, we’d rather let some time pass and remain cautious as things begin to open up. I am more aligned with this bunch.

What’s So Great About Callaway Resort & Gardens?

Everyone has their favorite beach, or a beach that they’ve distinguished as their “go-to.” Here are all the things that I love about Robin Lake Beach at Callaway Resort & Gardens.

The Activities

When you’re at Callaway Resort & Gardens, you never run out of things to do. Robin Lake Beach is (undeniably) the main attraction there. It’s a smaller beach because of the fact that it’s man-made. However, the available activities make up for this. 

There’s practically something for everyone to do at this beach, from kayaking to paddle boarding. You can also partake in a plethora of other activities around the resort. 

Callaway Resort & Gardens has a golf course, tennis courts, a day spa, and much more. Ziplining is another activity that the resort offers, which is EXTREMELY fun.

The Resort

Whether you’re a Georgia resident or an out-of-towner, visits to Callaway Resort & Gardens are worth an overnight stay. What’s fortunate is that the place has bangin’ lodging accommodations. You can either stay at their resort, cottages, villas, or their inn. 

The Dining

Callaway Resort & Gardens has various dining options on location. If you have a taste for fine dining or some Southern cooking, the resort has restaurants that can offer them to you. If you’re in the mood for typical beach food like hotdogs and hamburgers, you’re able to get that also. 

This might sound funny, but their kettle corn is my favorite thing there. I know: Out of all the food choices they have, I make a big deal out of the kettle corn. It is THAT good. 

The Places to Explore

Callaway Resort & Gardens sits on acres of gorgeous landscapes and scenery. With hiking and biking trails and places to fish, the adventures you can go on are endless. You can also visit nature preserves and botanical gardens on the premises. Their butterfly garden is an honorable mention, which is my absolute favorite place there.

If you’re itching to go to the beach soon, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Many of us don’t want to travel far with the restrictions that are in place. If Callaway Resort & Gardens isn’t a hop, skip, or drive away from you, you can always add it to your bucket list for later.

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