Let’s be clear, this is not about body shaming. Be you. Wear what makes you feel good. But, if you want to dress both trendy and age appropriate, we want to help you look your best.

Follow our guide to rocking these seven wardrobe staples at any age:


A cami is a great layering piece to wear under a jacket or cardigan, or underneath a top that is too shear or cut too low in front. If you choose to wear one as your outer layer, choose a loose-fitting camisole that allows you to wear a good bra or set of nipple covers underneath, and covers your cleavage and side boob area. Avoid wearing snug-fitting cotton styles that show every bump or roll, ride up and don’t launder well.


Leggings can be both comfy and classy when worn correctly. Leave the yoga pants in your gym bag and choose leggings that are designed to be worn for fashion rather than athletics. Pair them with tunic tops or long sweaters that fall to your mid-thigh. A top that falls at the top of your thigh will look baby doll instead of classy lady. Check the rearview mirror to make sure your bum is adequately covered.

Detailed Jeans

Denim is always a youthful look, yet, with the wide variety of fits available, jeans can be worn at any age. Thankfully, a high rise is in vogue, affording us better muffin-top control. Detailing is hot right now, and available in many forms: side stripes, embroidery, grommets, rhinestones, cuffs, and rips. A little detailing goes a long way: too much takes you from fun to floozy. Same for distressing, leave the ripped-to-shreds look to the teens.


Shorts can be both sexy and classy – the key is to wear them longer and looser. An inseam shorter than four inches is too short. Stay away from tight-fitting shorts, distressed denim and the Daisy Duke look.


No matter how killer your legs are, avoid the micro-mini. Skirts that are too short or too tight will look cheap. A skirt that falls to your mid-thigh, worn over opaque tights with ankle boots, is a sharp look for a night on the town.

Over the Knee Boots

You can wear over-the-knee boots, but unless you are performing on a concert stage, don’t show any skin. Instead of skirts or shorts, wear them over skinny jeans or leggings with a flowy top or layered outwear.


We love a cute romper, but most of them are designed for younger women. As with shorts and skirts, be careful with length. Anything shorter than mid-thigh is going to look like you shopped in the Junior’s department. A romper that is blousy on top, as opposed to spaghetti straps or tight fitting, will balance the bottom and give you a polished look.

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