There’s always something new on the fitness fanatics radar, so as we prepare to enter the next decade, we asked our favorite international trainers tell us what the hottest new workouts are to get you buff in 2020.

CrossFit was a dominant force during the last decade, but for many people it seemed out of reach or unrealistic. This did not go unnoticed within the industry, who have tried to draw off the success of this hard core workout, but making it a little more palatable for the non-athlete crowd.

F45 and Orange Theory

Jenna Poppenhagen is a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach at Bella Strength in Boulder, Colorado, a city that’s commonly dubbed one of the fittest in America. She also trains clients at CrossFit in Longmont, Colorado. She points to Orange Theory and F45 offering shorter HIIT style workouts.

Asa Forstorp, a Swedish trainer currently operating in Prague, Czech Republic agrees. “F45 uses lighter weights and gets it done in 45 minutes, that’s where the name comes from, it stands for functional 45,” she explains.

Orange Theory describes itself as a 1-hour, full body workout that uses heart rate based interval training wearing their exclusive heart rate monitors which displays on large screens in the studio during your workout.

“It seems to me they (F45 and Orange Theory) are trying to make the intensity and variability that CrossFit brought onto the scene and make it easier and more approachable for a wider audience,” says Poppenhagen.

HIIT, Repackaged

There is a lot of repackaging old school workouts into new formats.

“Short, HIIT circuits are so hot right now,” says Poppenhagen. She points to a class just started at her gym called Ski Patrol that is a high intensity plyometrics class aimed at prepping people for ski season, which is growing in popularity.

Look for other such classes that take the principals of HIIT and put them together in unique ways. Forstorp mentions she has even heard of HIIT-yoga, but has not actually had first-hand experience with it.

Home Fitness

Forstorp, says home workouts are going to become quite trendy because of the explosion of apps on the market, and equipment such as the Peloton equipment that make it seem like a live class and trainer are in your home. “These apps and workouts available on places like you tube or other streaming platforms are rapidly spreading in popularity, and you are going to see them continue to grow,” she says.

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