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What’s Going on with Khloe Kardashian?

What’s Going on with Khloe Kardashian?

Jill Robi

Keeping up with the Kardashians fans are already painfully aware that six episodes into season 18, the show went on hiatus until September. Officially, this was due to a halt in production for Coronavirus, as they were still filming. But there has also been speculation that the pandemic gave them an opportunity to figure out their slipping ratings (the show was initially on Sundays, and recently moved to Thursdays).

Still, despite this time, the girls have been diligent in releasing videos, tweets and pics to maintain their brand. The most notable photo as of late, as well as the most controversial, are the latest pictures of Khloe.

With everyone hunkered indoors, paparazzi pics of celebs going out have been a bit scarce. Which makes for a great time for someone to, oh say, get plastic surgery if they felt so inclined.

While most of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are no stranger to cosmetic procedures, this is possibly the most shocking transition since Kylie’s new appearance. Khloe looks like a completely different person. Her jawline seems altered, and her nose appears reshaped.

Over the years, Khloe has worked on her physical appearance, from weight to slight cosmetic procedures. But what she always retained was her face (more or less) looking the same.

But now, she’s hardly recognizable.

As the tallest and largest Kardashian, I always felt for Khloe. As a tall and large woman myself, that, along with her easy going personality, made her relatable to me. If I had access to personal trainers and regular coolsculpting or lipo, I’d probably be inclined to utilize them to my advantage as well. But altering your entire face…Well frankly, it made me sad. In my humble opinion, it just wasn’t necessary.

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I often wonder what happened to someone’s self-esteem to make such a drastic change to their appearance, in particular their face. But with Khloe, if I’m honest, it’s not that hard to suss out. If she pays an iota of attention to what’s said about her, or the names she’s been called, I’m sure it weighed on her. From what I understand, she prematurely left school due to bullying. Still, I would think that having a successful show, career and an overall fabulous life that she was the one laughing last, and therefore, laughing best.

I just wonder how something like that works, especially when one is raising a daughter. I hope she is able to teach True to love herself as she is, particularly as a little Black girl. Self love is important.

I think one day she’ll realize that it was a mistake. Or perhaps she’ll finally like what she sees in the mirror. I hope so.

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