As a freelance writer who works from home 99% of the time, I’m lucky enough to not have to make myself presentable on most days. This might be why I’m reluctant to put in the work when I actually do have to spruce up.

I still like feeling put together, whether I’m meeting with a client, going on a date with my husband, or getting together with friends. On the other hand, I want my “getting ready” routine to be as quick as possible. For a vain but lazy gal like myself, nailing a low-maintenance routine calls for some prerequisites.

By making time for periodic beauty treatments, I can feel better with less primping and preening. And in the long run, it saves me time. If you’re new to the world of cosmetic treatments, here are a few you might want to consider.

Eyelash Treatments

If you’re an everyday mascara wearer, you can save yourself a lot of time by getting eyelash extensions, which last about a month. During the application process, an esthetician will attach individual mink, silk, or synthetic lashes to your lash lines. An at-home option is to use an eyelash lengthening treatment, like Latisse.

With an eyelash treatment, you’ll wake up each morning with long, thick lashes without the need for any mascara. Not only will you have less makeup to put on, but you’ll also have less to take off.

Laser Hair Removal

I have thick, dark hair on my arms and legs and started shaving regularly around the age of ten. Over the years, this equates to hundreds of hours of shaving that probably could have been better spent. Getting laser hair removal has been one of my best beauty moves to date. Through targeted pulses of bright light, the hair follicles are destroyed, which makes the roots fall out and inhibits more growth. After several treatments, the results can be permanent.

While professional treatments are relatively expensive, many at-home laser hair removal devices on the market offer comparable results. One caveat: Since laser hair removal works by targeting the contrast of dark hair on light skin, the treatment isn’t effective for those with dark skin or light hair.


Professional blowouts usually involve washing and drying hair into a smooth and sleek style—but you might also be able to get loose curls or waves. For many, this means you don’t have to wash, blow-dry, or style your hair from day to day, as the effects can last for a week or two.

Another option is to get a Brazilian blowout. The semi-permanent smoothing and straightening technique involves sealing a keratin solution into the hair with a flat iron. With a Brazilian blowout, many are able to skip blow-drying and straightening at home, as it removes frizz and allows hair to air dry more smoothly.

Brow Treatments

If you have super-light or sparse eyebrows and typically fill them in with a brow pencil, a brow tint can go a long way. Since the treatment picks up every last tiny hair, it can make your brows look much fuller.

In addition to lashes, hair growth treatments like Latisse can be used on eyebrows. Within a couple of months, most people notice thicker, fuller brows. You might still want to touch them up when you do your makeup, but a brow treatment can really cut down on how much you need to fill in.

A Religious Skincare Routine

I have a very dedicated skincare routine, which includes close to ten products each morning and night. You might be wondering why I’m more willing to commit to an elaborate skincare ritual than putting on makeup. I figure if I have nice skin, I can wear less makeup. And this has mostly worked out, as I go through roughly one travel size of foundation each year.

To be clear, women certainly shouldn’t feel pressure to look a certain way, nor should they feel ashamed for taking the time put on makeup or style their hair each day. Beauty can be enjoyable, and for some people, it’s a form of self-care. The takeaway? Be yourself and take shortcuts if they make sense.

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