Keeping your brow game strong at home doesn’t have to be difficult. Shaping, tweezing, exfoliating – you name it, you can still have perfectly shaped eyebrows without a salon. Here are a few tips from Diana Elise, owner of Gädis Brow + Beauty Studio, on how to get flawless brows without a trip to the beauty parlor.

Exfoliate First

Diana recommends exfoliating your brows every month or so to keep the skin underneath healthy and glowing. “I recommend using a spoolie (a mascara wand) and a little cleanser on the brows because that area is similar to the scalp – if you want healthy brow hair, you have to make sure the skin underneath is healthy too,” she explains.

Stay Away from Trimming

Trimming your brows at home can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a good sense of how long or short they should be. If you cut them too short, they can look stubby. Instead of trimming, you can use a brow gel to keep longer hairs in place. If you must trim, only trim a few hairs at once. Eyebrow hair is thin and delicate, so move the scissors as little as possible around longer strands.

Test the Shape First

Before tweezing, brush the eyebrow hair upwards to see the general shape of your brows and which hairs are out of place. From here, you can see how the hair sits on your arch and what aligns symmetrically with your face. Take a few moments to locate any hairs that are clearly growing outside of your regular brow line; start by tweezing those and gradually making your way inwards.

Tweeze Slowly

“Whenever tweezing, tweeze a few hairs, then step back and look at the mirror from far away,” Diana recommends. Sometimes, when you’re tweezing, hairs can look more unruly up close than from far away. You can’t undo over-tweezing, unfortunately. “Every hair counts!” she adds.

Fill in Sparse Areas

If you have thinner brows or want to thicken them in any way, you can use your time at home to start applying brow serum. Hydrating and thickening, these serums can help your brow hair grow stronger and fuller during your time spent indoors. You can even apply at night to provide extra nutrients while you sleep.

Add Shine with Castor Oil

An age-old beauty secret, adding castor oil to your split ends and even your brows can help them grow strong and add shine! Used in combination with your brow serum, castor oil aids in hair growth to bring you full, healthy eyebrows. You can apply castor oil before you go out to add shine and make your brows silky and smooth.

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