When I bought my first home as a single mom, I found an absolute steal. The home was in a fabulous neighborhood with the best schools, and houses were sold within days of going on the market. My realtor heard about the place before it went on the market, and I rushed right over. 

The home needed updating but had great bones. I wasn’t the only one who heard about it. Home flippers with cash offers above asking were there, too. But the woman selling the home had just lost her husband to cancer, and her two children were grown. He passed away peacefully in the house they called home for 25 years. She saw me with my two kids and wanted the home to become another happy place for a young family. She sold the property to me.

 Not everyone left the house before we moved in…

The presence in the house wasn’t immediately noticeable. And it wasn’t everywhere. While watching TV in my family room, I would catch a shadow walking by the TV from right to left. 

When you see a shadow, you don’t really notice it. When you do notice it, you blame it on the sunlight or any number of things. My shadow appeared at night and only at night. It took me several times to realize I kept seeing the same shadow. But I never put much thought into it.

 Living with a non-believer

At the time, I was dating a man who felt ghosts, and such was just mumbo jumbo. I would never have told him about the shadow; he would have laughed it off and told me I watched too many episodes of “Ghost Hunters.” 

But then my best friend came to visit for Thanksgiving, as she does every year. After a few days in my home, she casually asked, “Who’s the shadow that walks by in the family room?”

My boyfriend jolted. “You see it too?!”

“What do you mean ‘too?’” I asked.

We had all noticed the shadow moving in front of the TV at night from right to left.

 Clearing the space

I put it out on Facebook and received a message from a friend who told me I needed to sage the home. I read up on saging and found a store that specialized in crystals and mystical merchandise. 

I explained my situation, and they explained how to sage. I was to walk through my entire home, starting at the top and working to the lower level. I was to make sure the smoke got into every crevice and corner. I was to talk to the spirit and help guide it through comforting words. And I was supposed to open the doors so it could leave.

I walked around the house with the sage while my boyfriend rolled his eyes. I spoke to him and told him, “Thank you so much for letting us into your home. I hope to have many happy memories here. But it is time for you to go now. You don’t need to worry; I promise we will love it and care for it as much as you did.”

It let itself out

Did I feel awkward doing this? Definitely. As well as a little nervous because perhaps I have seen too many episodes of “Ghost Hunters.” And then I finished the saging and put it out. Immediately the front door slammed shut. Immediately. After 20 minutes of my saging it closed as I put out the sage.

 But did it leave?

I didn’t see the shadow again after that. Although, I had a babysitter who claimed to be clairvoyant. One night she asked me, “Who’s the shadow I see walking by?”

I groaned and said, “Is he back in the house?”

“Oh no,” she said. “He’s outside, but he walks from right to left.”

At least he was out of the house. I considered him our protector.

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