The weather’s turned nasty and you don’t want to go outside. It’s exactly the right time of year to settle in with a great TV line up. Think you’ve seen it all? We bet you haven’t. There’s probably a ton of shows that you haven’t seen that will make you want to chuck your to do list and cozy up in front of the television. Whether a first season, or a completed series, this binge-worthy list includes a western, dystopian futures, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. 


Two of three seasons complete and available on Netflix, Dark is the sleeper series that’s part crime drama, and part time travel. Erroneously compared to Stranger Things, Dark is truly a dark and mysterious puzzle that follows lead character Jonas, who’s only goal is to try to find his way back home, and save the ones that he loves. Given its unique mix, there is truly nothing like this series. Filmed in German, subtitles (and not the dubbed version) are strongly recommended. The final season is set to air sometime in 2020.


If you saw the movie and hated it like I did, don’t let it color your decision to check out this timely and astute HBO series that springboards from the Alan Moore comics. Starring Regina King, Watchmen integrates an alternate reality with real world events, tackling huge topics like racism, American history, and intertwining it with out of this world beings. The writing is tight, the acting is superb, and the first season will give you chills.

The Witcher

One of the newest (and hottest) Netflix releases of the year is The Witcher. Based on a video game, the show version has been described as a mix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer story elements, a dash of X-Men, all set to the tone and environment of Game of Thrones

The Boys

If you want the antithesis to the MCU in terms of character and story, check out Amazon Prime’s The Boys, full of violence, blood, and villains in capes.

The Mandalorian

Chances are you’ve seen one of the million Baby Yoda memes online, but you probably haven’t seen the show it stems from: The Mandalorian on Disney+. What’s great about this series, is that while it takes place in the Star Wars universe, you don’t have to know anything about any of the films to understand what’s happening. The concept in its basest form is buddy film meets single dad. The episodes are quick, easy to follow, and full of great action.


New to Showtime and just recently completed its first season is the period piece mixed with martial arts, Warrior. This show is part drama, part Western, part crime, all set against the historical backdrop of 19 Century San Francisco. What’s cool about this show is that it’s based on the writings of Bruce Lee.


The oldest show on this list but definitely a worthy watch is Cinemax’s Banshee. A crime drama chock full of sex and violence, it also focuses on identity, emotions, redemption, and how people relate to one another. At only 4 seasons and 38 episodes, it will be a breeze of a binge.

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