Are you kidding me???

Who doesn’t love a good reboot? I know I do. It’s super fun (sometimes) to see old characters back on the screen at a new point in their lives… it feels a lot like catching up with old friends.

My elation when they announced the new Sex and the City reboot was super high. I spent my late 20s in New York City and I spent much of my twenties and thirties the way the rest of us did, addicted to the antics of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

But no sooner did I get my hopes up then “bam!” just like everything else in the news cycle these days there was a big kick in the teeth to go with it… Samantha’s character won’t be in it at all.

Ensemble Cast

The thing about an ensemble cast is you really need the whole ensemble. The greatest thing about these ladies on screen was their vastly different personalities and characters. Just like this article points out, you need a lot of different types of girlfriends in your life and without a Samantha, these characters are less, way less, than the sum of their parts.

She’s Aspirational

More than any character on that show, Samantha was the aspirational character we all wanted. She was unflinchingly confident, sexy, and owned her own personality, desires and ambition in a way every woman I know (including myself) wishes she could.

In the other characters of the show we may see elements of our neurotic selves, which makes them relatable and real. Lot of us struggle with work and men (Miranda), keep chasing Mr. Wrong (Carrie) or pair up too quickly in a romantic quest (Charlotte). Many of us have had all these problems at some point. But Samantha, she was the one we all wanted to be. She was clear on what she wanted and shamelessly went after it. She was FABULOUS in all caps, baby.

For the uh… Mature Ladies

The other HUGE disappointment is most of us legions of fans are coming up on a certain age, just like the characters. They will reportedly be in their fifties on the show. Kim Cattral, who plays Samantha is 64, and she is still amazing. We all need to see that, it gives us hope. Leaving the oldest character out is just another disappointment.

Will I Watch?

I’m not sure. While I would have been first up to host my girlfriends with some margaritas, popcorn and had a great party for the launch with all four, at the very least I may wait to hear what reviewers and other fans think before I bother.

I mean, let’s face it. This is like the Golden Girls without Blanche, or Facts of Life without Blair (yes, I’m dating myself here). But Samantha was the spark in that show and without her, any reboot is likely to be a dim event.

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