Being kept inside doesn’t have to be a recipe for gloom. Of course, give yourself space to feel whatever emotions you need to, but when you’re in need of an easy way to shift your mood, try out a few of these ideas.

Try a Simple Kundalini Meditation Technique

Often feelings of being overwhelmed or sadness result from a mind that is filled with thoughts. A simple way to shift your energy is by trying this kirtan kriya. Bring your thumb to your first finger and mentally say “SA”, then bring thumb to the second and say “TA”, thumb to third finger while saying “NA” and thumb to pinky saying “MA”. Sa ta na ma means “peace begins with me” in Sanskrit. This mantra combined with the acupressure points on your fingertips provides much-needed relief and space to your mind. Do it whenever you need a time out.

Play Some Feel-Good Music

Sound is one of the most powerful currents that can impact frequency. Playing music with uplifting beats and messages offers an amazing way to get out of your head and back into the moment. Even if it’s only for a short time, singing and dancing can move you into a different headspace in no time.

Do Something for Others

I know it’s hard to get out and physically volunteer right now, but you can do other things like online mentoring, tutoring or donating to your local food shelter. Helping you remember that you’re a part of the human family, your acts of kindness can impact your sense of wellbeing as well as the people you help.


Even if it’s just for five minutes, sit down and be quiet. One of the primary reasons for internal suffering is believing your own negative thoughts. You don’t have to beat yourself up for having these kinds of thoughts either – you’re human after all. Giving your mind room to breathe, meditation brings you into a more relaxed, surrendered state. From here, you can feel more at ease with the natural ebb and flow of your life.

Start Saying “Thank You”

A different spin on a gratitude practice, saying “thank you” out loud has a powerful effect on your experience. Rather than just going through the motions and trying to list all the things you’re grateful for, just say thank you for the little things throughout your day. When someone gives you a compliment, thank them and say it out loud to yourself. Before you eat, say thank you for the ability to have food that nourishes you. Before you get out of bed, say thank you for a night of sleep in a comfortable space. Even in moments of discomfort, say thank you to all that it’s bringing you – seen and unseen.

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