This morning, I opened my dresser and carefully considered which leggings to select: did I want the softer pair or the ones with the high waist that I love? Then, I asked my husband if he had seen any of my long-sleeve t-shirts: I was craving a soft and loose top, yet again.

Like many Americans I’m socially distancing, and being isolated at home has led to a big shift in my wardrobe. I haven’t put on a “real” bra or jeans in weeks, but my soft and elastic clothes are working overtime. Through it all, I’ve realized I don’t have nearly enough comfortable clothes.

So, I asked friends what their must-have quarantine clothes are. Here’s what they had to say:

For When You’re Feeling Fashionable

Sometimes you just want to look good, even when you’re stuck at home. If that feeling hits, check out Lou&Grey’s rompers and jumpers. The brand is known for their luxurious, super soft fabric and stylish design. You’ll be comfortable as can be, but you won’t be embarrassed if someone video calls you unexpectedly.

For A Video Call

Need something classy to pair with your pajama pants before hopping in front of the video? Check out Everlane’s Cotton V-Neck t-shirt. The tailored neckline makes it look just a little dressier than your other comfy shirts, but it’s still super soft. Add in a scarf or pair of earrings and you’ll look downright office-worthy.

For When You’re Active (No, Really!)

If you’re actually following through on your initial resolve to stay active during quarantine, you deserve to treat yourself to some new workout clothes. Give Sweaty Betty a try. The brand has comfortable and contoured workout gear with just the right amount of pizazz. You may even find yourself wearing it day after day…

For Coverage but Not Restriction

Most women I know have sworn off the underwire for now, but many still want a bit of support and coverage (especially during video calls). Cosabella bralettes are the perfect compromise. They’re cute and lacy, but light and comfortable enough to wear all day without a second thought.

For When You Feel Like Splurging

Too often, pajamas and loungewear end up being whatever old clothes we have lying around. If you’re looking to upgrade to something silky smooth, check out Lunya. Their washable silk pajamas will give you the feeling of luxury, without all the fuss. Best of all, they’re size inclusive up to 3LX.

For Yard Work

If you’re using this time to tackle projects around your house or in the yard, you’ll want Carhartt Force Lightweight Utility Leggings. The brand might bring to mind brawny men, but these leggings are sleek. However, they’re still durable enough to stand up to prickly branches, dirt or whatever other challenges your yard might have in store.

For Your Feet

Somehow, having shoes on just makes you feel more productive. But now, more than ever, you don’t want to be tracking germs and dirt into your house. Sanuk’s slippers let you feel a bit more dressed up, while keeping your house clean. With slip-on, boot and loafer options, you’ll find one you love.

Sooner or later, we’ll have to return to business wear, heels and jeans. For now — when so much is unpredictable and every bit of comfort counts — let’s get cozy, if we’re lucky enough to be safe at home.

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