As fears of the novel Coronavirus sweep across the country, a lot of people are rethinking going out, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bored inside. It’s the perfect time to create your own cocktails, which are always better if you make an effort to delight all the senses. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of cocktails that look as beautiful as they taste. These sweet and stunning pink, purple, and red cocktails make a beautiful visual addition to a romantic meal, but they’re also easy to make, each with five ingredients or less. Impress your partner or date this month with a handmade cocktail that’s as much a visual delight as a tasty one.

The Pink Lady

This classic drink is a very long standing favorite, both for its delicious taste and its pretty in pink shade. In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 ½ ounces of gin, 3/4 ounce of  applejack, ¼ ounce of lemon juice, 1-2 dashes of grenadine, and one egg white, plus plenty of ice. Shake thoroughly, then strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a touch of red–a maraschino cherry.

Love Potion

A super simple and fruity little drink, this vodka cocktail comes together with only three ingredients and a few minutes of time. If you’d like, rim glasses with corn syrup and sugar, then set aside. In a cocktail shaker, combine ⅓ cup of vodka, ¼ cup of peach schnapps or liqueur, and 1 cup of red grapefruit juice, along with ice. Cover and shake, then pour into the glasses. If you want to add an extra pop of color, garnish with fruit, like cherries, strawberries, or raspberries.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Though the name implies the delicious dessert food, this is actually a tasty drink masquerading as a chocolate covered strawberry. Fill a shaker with ice, plus one-part strawberry liqueur, half a part White Creme de Cacao, and one-part Half & Half. Stir vigorously and pour into glasses. Again, garnish with strawberries if you’re able. And maybe serve this next to a plate of the real deal…

Floating on Cloud 9

This ultra-sweet and secretly strong drink looks almost too pretty and romantic to drink. To enjoy this one, start by rimming a cocktail glass with crushed pink or red candy (using liqueur as the sticking agent). In a blender, combine 2 ounces of whipped cream vodka, 1 ounce of strawberry liqueur, 2 ounces of half & half, and 1 cup of ice. Blend until it’s smooth and easy to pour. Serve in the chilled and prepared glass.

The Glamour Gal

A stronger and moodier drink, this entrancing purple cocktail looks like a work of art and is sure to impress your love. To make this divine martini, combine 3 parts vodka, ¾ parts lemon juice, ¾ parts lime juice, ¾ parts simple syrup, and one drop of blackcurrant liqueur in a shaker with ice. Shake thoroughly and strain into a chilled glass. (Sugar the rim first, if you’d like.) Add some additional blackcurrant liqueur around the inside of the glass. Bask in the strong, fruity, sexy cocktail you’ve created.

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