February 14th rolls around every year with the same old routines – buying roses and chocolates for your significant other along with planning an expensive meal. While these traditions have their perks, try out a few new ideas this Valentine’s Day and you may find yourself feeling more excited, connected and romantic than you have in years.

Set up an At-home Massage

Buy some massage oil, research a few techniques for giving the best massage ever and set the mood for your partner’s relaxation. You can set a towel on the couch with candles lit and rose petals spread around. Add some aromatherapy with your favorite essential oil and play relaxing music with dim lighting. I promise, you’ll have them way more relaxed and stress-free than when they walked in. 

Try Out an Escape Room

Trying out something new and working together, going to an escape room will have both of you bonding and laughing by the first challenge. Escape rooms now have locations across the country and you can choose your experience based on intensity or fun – whatever vibe you’re looking for. This activity will definitely give you an experience to laugh at as well as a chance to make a new memory.  

Build a Fort for Movie Night

This one is an all-time favorite. Go back in time and set up the living room with blankets over chairs with string lights and popcorn. Choose your favorite romantic movie and cuddle up together while feeling comfy in your floor palace. Surprise your partner with their favorite snacks and candy! Bonus – pick a black and white film like Casablanca, Roman Holiday or any other vintage movie to make it even more old school.

Plan a Dance Party

Fill the room with Valentine’s Day balloons and decorations, then make a playlist of all of your favorite songs together. Dim the lights and grab your speakers! Include some upbeat songs on your playlist that you love to dance to and add a few slow songs that remind you of your time together. Your dance party can give you a chance to slow dance and be together in a peaceful setting.

Make a Photo Album and Look through it Together

Print off your favorite pictures of you two together, include your trips, holidays and special moments to put into a photo album. You can make this an online collage too if you want to stay paperless. Then, present your honey with candles lit and have fun flipping through it together, reminiscing about your time as a couple. By the end, you’ll feel happy to have each other and grateful for the moments you’ve shared.

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