I grew up during the “all oil is bad oil” era, when even a slight shine was cause for embarrassment. As I’ve gotten older and experimented more with the beauty techniques of the day, I’ve tried various foundations and powders that dried out my skin—all in an effort to avoid looking “shiny”. 

This year, I’ve made the switch to RMS Un-Cover Up and their Master Radiance Base after noticing how much my skin needed moisture. Needless to say, I’ve officially jumped on the dewy, glowing-skin bandwagon. As a result, the type of shine that my skin exudes defines various features like my cheekbones and cupid’s bow in a subtle way. Plus, my skin feels nourished when I wear RMS products. 

I started with their cult classic, Un-Cover Up concealer that I use underneath my eyes and on top of any blemishes I want to hide. Made with “auto-adjusting” minerals that cover spots, this concealer offers a creamy, effective alternative to many products I’ve used. Furthermore, it’s one of my favorite products to layer since it’s creaminess absorbs my powder quite well. 

To apply, I do the same routine that I’ve always done—lightly dabbing and gently applying underneath my eyes and on various parts of my face. A little bit goes a long way, so be sure not to overdo it. I’ve also had my first container for over a year, but keep in mind that a lot of the year has coincided with the pandemic, so I’m not using it on a daily basis. But, nonetheless it’s lasted quite a long time, still providing the coverage that I need. 

If you’re looking to try other clean products from RMS, I recommend starting with the Master Radiance Base. I originally saw it in an advertisement and couldn’t take my eyes off of the model’s skin! It was so bronze, so soft and so dewy! Once I got it, I was hooked. 

In the video advertisement, the woman applies it as a base coat, leaving a shimmering glow about her whole face. For me, the sparkles seemed perfect for my cheekbones and other areas I like to highlight. Essentially, the product works as a three-in-one. You can use it as a base for other makeup, wear it on its own or add it to your contouring regiment. Any way you apply, it offers a gorgeous shine. The Master Radiance Base has two shades that you can choose to work best for you. 

The container comes with a small metal tool that you can use for application. I’ve mainly used my fingers to apply the formula on my cheeks or underneath my makeup. The product is rather liquid, so again, a little goes a long way. But, every time I wear it I get compliments on its shine. 

You can get either product on the RMS website along with other clean beauty retailers and department stores. Just make sure to go sparingly the first time you use either product, especially if you have naturally oily skin. See how it works for you and then adjust accordingly. 

Either way, your skin will thank you for the lower number of chemicals and greater amount of coverage!

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