I’ve recently gotten more into astrology. I love figuring out everyone’s sign, seeing what characteristics ring true for them, and even tying the topic into pop culture. As I was reading more about Aries signs 一 or people born between March 21 and April 19, like my mom 一 I realized I’m thankful for so many of my mom’s personality traits and actions that I didn’t notice consciously before. 

I think I was feeling my emotions so strongly in certain moments that I didn’t have the capacity to realize, fully, how helpful my mom was being. But this Mother’s Day, I want to show my gratitude to her for the following things, all which I associate with her being an Aries:

The Aries Organizer

First, my mom is highly organized, which helped me stay on track at school. While I’ve always been responsible and organized myself, keeping up with all the busy work at school can be difficult and stressful.

I could always count on her to lighten my burden. She helped me create professional-looking projects. She kept up with a full calendar full of my extracurriculars. And, she’s helped with so much more that made my life a lot easier. With all I had to do at the time, I was too anxious and consumed to take a second and realize how helpful she’d been, but I certainly see it now 一 and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The Aries Optimism

My mom is clearly an Aries in that she’s optimistic. You can always count on her to point out the bright side and have hope in dark times. Whether I was having a hard time with coaches, a friend, or my classes, she always encouraged me. When I had no hope that things would improve, she had hope for me, and it was so refreshing. While I still felt sadness and stress, her optimism was admirable and comforting.

The Aries Enthusiasm

Lastly, I appreciate my mom’s enthusiasm when I share good news. While she’s never doubted me or my capabilities, she’s also quick to feel excited for me when I share a development in my career, no matter how small. 

My mom always goes the extra mile, from following publications I write for on Facebook, to wanting extra details, to showing how amazed she is with my success. 

And when I’m not having as much success, she’s there to cheer me up and remind me I’m still a talented writer with achievements to prove it. Simply put, she makes me feel good. She makes me feel loved. And from now on, I want to take a step back from the excitement I’m feeling to be gracious about that, because not everyone can say the same about their mom.

This Mother’s Day 一 possibly the one in which we’ve been the closest, for a variety of reasons 一 I want to share all these specifics with her. As someone who appreciates words of affirmation, I like to write detailed, complimentary cards, and you can bet hers will contain gratitude for these Aries traits she’s shown. I may have to squish some words to fit them all on the card, but I know neither of us minds that at all.

This Mother’s Day, I encourage you to think about what makes you feel grateful for your mom, if you’re blessed enough to still have her in your life. Think back to when you were a kid and also think about her role in your life now. What new light can you see your mom in, and how can you show appreciation for that?

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