Many women are getting creative with their beauty rituals during their time spent indoors. Having a few minutes of pampering can make all the difference in the way that we feel. As such, giving yourself a manicure at home can feel just as luxurious as it would if you were at the salon. Here are easy ways to get started and have gorgeous nails to show for your efforts.  

Start with the Right Kind of Nail File

Different grits of emery boards align with different nail types. For instance, if you have artificial nails, you’ll need a thicker file. With natural nails, choose a lower grit count. Look for a nail file that has a thicker grit on one side and a medium grit on the other. Depending on which type of nails you’re shaping, choose accordingly before you start to file and shape them.

Buff Away Impurities

Nail buffer blocks are cheap and effective tools in creating a smooth surface for your polish. Once you’ve filed your nails to a shape of your liking, buff the surface to ensure that your nails are fresh and smooth.

Check Out At-Home Gel Manicure Kits

With the right nail file and buffer, you can then find a kit that gives you the perfect gel lamp that helps your polish set instantly. Check out this chic option from ASOS that looks cute on any dresser or makeup shelf.

Just apply the gel base coat, polish and top coats, rotating your hand into the light to set each layer for 60 seconds. If you’re looking for the closest thing to a salon experience, you can purchase the Gelish brand manicure kit. It’s a little bit pricey, but it comes with everything you need – a basic kit, bottle of top coat, two gel polishes, nail surface cleaner and artificial nail remover and the LED light itself. Never pay for a salon manicure again!

Watch a Tutorial

There are plenty of awesome brands and influencers that make YouTube videos to walk you through the basics of doing your own gel manicure. Alexandra Beuter uses the Gelish polish and walks through her step-by-step approach in an easy-to-follow and fun way.

Pamper Yourself

Find your favorite lotion, essential oils and candles to make a fun set-up for your at-home manicure. Use it as a valuable time for self-care by playing your favorite relaxing music while tapping into your creative side, choosing a color and however you want to decorate your nails. Allow your mind to relax as you take some much-needed time for you.

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