It’s no secret that many self-care products contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. As the market becomes flooded with options covered by labels that say “natural” and “toxin-free”, it’s important to remember which products are really worth the money. Here’s a guide to which products you should pay close attention to when purchasing.


Obviously, tampons affect the most permeable part of the body. Conventional tampons are loaded with dyes, chlorine, bleach, microplastics, pesticides and more. Not only do these substances affect your hormonal balance but your body absorbs the chemicals and they can infiltrate the bloodstream. The good news is that organic tampons are available without the chemicals and they’re generally around the same price point. Check out MYBOXSHOP on Amazon for chemical-free menstrual products.


Traditional deodorants often contain aluminum, triclosan and phthalates. When looking for a natural alternative, check the ingredient list for synthetics like those listed above. Great at-home alternatives include bentonite clay, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. When you’re looking for store bought varieties, check for any alcohols, phthalates or triclosan in the ingredients to keep yourself safe.


Maybe not the first on your list when you think of body products, candles are a part of many people’s self-care practices. Most candles contain chemicals like petroleum, synthetic scents and bleached wicks. When burned, these chemicals can release carcinogens like benzene and toluene. Since the air you breathe is closely related to your health, burning these candles often can impact your lungs and other organs. Look for petroleum-free candles made without paraffin wax. Check the label to see if the candle is scented with essential oils rather than synthetic ingredients created in a lab. If you smell chemicals when you blow out your candle, it’s time to find a new brand you like.


Our skin is our biggest organ, and it absorbs nearly everything we put on it. Essentially, when you put a product on your skin, your body absorbs it the same way as it would if you ate it. Conventional lotions are loaded with synthetic fragrances, chemicals and alcohols. Living Libations and Osea Malibu offer great, organic alternatives with no toxins. While organic lotions can get more expensive, it’s important to look out for these extremely harmful chemicals in any self-care product that gets near your skin.


Just like with lotion, your skin will absorb every ounce of soap you apply to it. Instead of filling your system with toxins, steer clear of heavily-fragranced soap with parabens and sulfates. Checking the bottle to makes sure that your soap doesn’t contain these ingredients will serve you well down the line when your body’s toxic load isn’t too much to carry.

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