This fall, colors have made a striking comeback, perhaps in response to the difficulties of the last 18 months. After the all-black-everything phase started to drag on throughout the pandemic, it may provide some relief.  

Bold, saturated looks have graced the runways leading up to fall of 2021. Think deep blues, reds, pinks and purples. From a deeply-colored coat to statement slacks, these tones will give your wardrobe a fresh look while still providing a high level of functionality. 


Lilac has also made a comeback in clothing items and accessories. If you love a classic, soft purple, you can add it to your wardrobe with tank tops, jackets and even a purse for a subtle, trendy pop of color.

Silver and Fuschia

 Marie Claire notes that these tones were huge at fashion shows and graced everything from evening gowns to button-up coats. If you have some old pieces that boast these hues, break them out of the back of your closet and take them for a stroll. 

Tailored suits

 But, these aren’t your grandma’s pantsuits; these are pieces that are cut to feel roomy but stylish. Just like the two-piece workout suits that people have been wearing all summer, the fall take on this trend features neutral hues and sometimes bolder colors like pink or red. 

You’ve likely seen influencers wearing bike shorts with oversized blazers and, while that look is here to stay, the tailored suit offers a new spin on a trend that we’ve seen for at least a year now. Whatever you do, keep that big blazer you’ve been wondering what to do with—it’s an amazing layering addition that will keep you warm and stylish throughout the autumn. 

Gold hoops

Dainty gold jewelry, including hoops, will continue their spot in the sun as well. Just like those old fuchsias and silvers, your second earring hole is having a renaissance of its own. Layering earrings with different-sized hoops and small chains gives your ears the chic wow-factor many have been looking for.

 If layering isn’t your thing, just dust off your old hoop earrings for a chic complement to your outfit. Gold jewelry on soft, dewy skin never goes out of style—especially this fall. 

The name of the game is functional chic. 

It’s almost as if the less-is-more trend finally landed with simpler makeup and fun clothes by its side. Perhaps a consequence of the pandemic, style has evolved into a more unique, simple state that harkens back to the past. So, head down to the basement and locate a few old-school staples, then find a few new ones that will stand the test of time. Gold earrings, bright hues and a loosely-tailored suit won’t be too hard to find.

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