Are you familiar with Cameo?

In case you’re not, a primer: Cameo is a site filled with a huge range of celebrities—think TV, movies, sports, music, and yes, social media influencers too—who will record a personalized video message for you, at costs ranging from $1 (for people you’ve never heard of) to $2500.  

Many are there to fundraise for charity, others for themselves, which you can’t blame anyone for when the entertainment industry is at a temporary standstill. But BOY are they all there. Names you’d never expect in a million years (Val Kilmer, $150) sharing web space with others that don’t surprise you at all (Kato Kaelin, $60). The most expensive celebrity you can book: Caitlyn Jenner ($2500.00).

This update on Dick Van Dyke’s page fills my heart with joy: “Due to overwhelming demand, Mister hasn’t been able to accommodate the influx of requests in the allotted time. He puts thought & care into each video. Please reorder, if expired ❤️” (For the record, the last time I looked he cost a well-deserved $1000.)

The $500+ club includes Wesley Snipes ($500), Chaka Khan ($600), Criss Angel ($999), Craig Kilborn ($900), Marlon Wayans ($500), and bajillionaire Dr. Oz ($500), who, by the way, is in the “actor” category. More budget-friendly options: Cindy Williams (Shirley of Laverne & Shirley¸ $50), 90 Day Fiancé’s David & Annie ($57), Doug E. Fresh ($75). Once you dive in and start yelling out names and comparing prices, it’s hard to come back out.

I bought a Cameo for a friend of mine’s birthday (Doug Jones from Star Trek: Discovery, who was delightful and worth every penny), and then considered all the other reasons to send someone a video from someone they love… or even someone they love to hate.

In these uncertain times, how about a pep talk from Anthony Michael Hall ($150) or Montel Williams ($100)? Maybe you can get Tommy Lee ($400) to record your friend’s outgoing voicemail. You could have The Chew’s Carla Hall ($60) or Master Chef’s Graham Elliott ($30) congratulate them for finally baking that loaf of bread or get Montell Jordan ($50) to console them after a disappointment.  Malcolm McDowell ($140) is even on there. John Cleese ($300)!

You could ask LeVar Burton ($250) or Ed Asner ($200) to thank them for going to protests, or have Loretta Swit ($125) thank your friends who work in hospitals. Maybe you have a friend who just needs a virtual hug from someone they’ve always loved, like Elijah Wood ($225) or Debbie Gibson ($195)— or even someone they always found ridiculous (David Hasselhoff, $300).

If you want to pool your resources with friends, you can even assemble a group, although of course they can’t record together. There are a bunch of Real Housewives on Cameo, a nice selection of folks from The Office, a smattering of cast members from Lord of the Rings, and a lot of awesome Star Trek stars. You can make your own America’s Next Top Model judging panel with Janice Dickinson ($50), Nigel Barker ($45), and Miss J. ($50). You can ALMOST build a boy band: ‘NSYNC’s Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone are there—get all three for $549. For something edgier, how about the Night King ($60) AND Hodor ($75) from Game of Thrones?

Want to support GLAAD in honor of Gay Pride month? You can go snarky with Perez Hilton ($90), retro with Debbie Gibson ($195), Lisa Loeb ($100), or Mark McGrath ($99), or trendy with Queer Eye’s Carson Kressley ($65). They’re all donating proceeds.

There are categories for drag queens, motivational speakers, YouTube creators, along with magicians, Tarot card readers, Santas, and yes… Furries. Under “politics” you’ll find Stormy Daniels ($250), Sebastian Gorka ($45), and impersonators of both Trump and Obama. Just do us all a favor and don’t give $199 to Sean Spicer.

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