Whether your anniversary is coming up during this social distancing period (mine is!) or you just need some time to connect with your significant other in a more Saturday night-ish way, there are several options to get creative to keep date night alive. If you have children, then obvious adjustments will have to be made such as waiting until after their bedtime or putting them on Facetime with their grandparents to keep them occupied for a while, but here is a list of ideas:

Bring Back Parking

Remember in those old movies from the 1950’s when couples would go parking? We never do that anymore, but it sure seems like the perfect time to bring that tradition back. Whether you just go sit in your car in your driveway or take a trip around town and stop in a public park or by a lake or the ocean, you can have some quiet time together. Pack some dinner or snacks or stop at a drive-thru before you find your spot to sit and connect. Just be careful not to get the attention of the local police, if you know what I mean!

Go on a Backyard Picnic

If you have a backyard, then take advantage of the green space and pretend it is a local park. Pack a basket or put together a tray of fun picnic foods and maybe a bottle of wine. Throw down a blanket on the grass and cozy up together for an afternoon or evening picnic.

Get Your Dance Moves On

Play DJ by busting out your favorite tunes. You can have fun dancing together whether it’s close and slow or fast like you are out at a nightclub. You will be able to get some exercise while connecting in a special way through music and dance.

Transform Your Balcony or Patio into a Romantic Oasis

You can transform your balcony or backyard patio (or living room) into a Five Star restaurant with some imagination. Dig up your good china, glassware, and fancy tablecloth, and place a candle in the center of the table. Play some of your favorite tunes in the background (Sinatra usually does the trick). Either opt for takeout or if you really want to bond, cook your favorite meal together. Instead of dwelling on how you can’t be out at your favorite restaurant, talk about the best meals you’ve shared together and consider putting together a top ten list of the places you want to go to when this whole situation is over.

Have a Blast with Game Night

Games can spur some friendly competition and a playful attitude to take your mind off what is happening in the world. Whether you choose a physical game like Twister or a more intellectually challenging game like Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, you will be sure to have a blast passing the time.

Take a Romantic Stroll

Nothing shouts romance more than walking hand-in-hand, staring up at the stars, and sharing your hopes and dreams. Take this opportunity to get down to the basics and go on a simple walk together outside in your neighborhood under the moonlight.  

Although you may be stuck at home and missing your favorite restaurants and other venues, you can still enjoy date night together and create new memories while sparking some romance, too.

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